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Poland: exemptions from driving time regulations and new border procedures

The Polish Ministry of Transport announced temporary exemptions

The Polish Ministry of Transport has announced temporary exemptions to the driving and rest time regulations for truck drivers, valid until 30 September 2022. The details – The maximum daily driving time is extended from 9 to 11 hours – The maximum weekly driving time is extended from 56 to 60 hours – The maximum bi-weekly driving time is increased : from 90 to 96 hours – The driving period after which a 45-minute break is required is also increased: from 4 ½ hours to 5 ½ hours – Drivers will be able to spend the regular weekly rest period in the cab Please note that the new exemptions shall be valid until 30 September 2022.  Long waits between Poland and Ukraine This is one of the main problems lorry drivers are facing at the moment, especially between Yagodin and Dorogusk and between Rava and Ruska, causing queues several kilometres long. According to Polish lorry drivers, reports TrasportoEuropa, these delays are caused by border controls by Poles and obstacles placed by Ukrainians on the transit of empty trucks to Poland. New border procedures In an attempt to solve the problem between Poland and Ukraine, a transit agreement was signed last May between the governments of the two countries for joint controls, however without much success. Recently, Ukrainian authorities decided to implement, new border procedures as of 1 September, diverting vehicles with a total mass of up to 7.5 tonnes to secondary border points. The main objective of these procedures is to increase the operability of border points dedicated to the heaviest vehicles. Furthermore, a computerised service for booking inspections should also come into force.



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