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Specialized Consultation

Our experience at your service in managing the VAT and excise refund process, from document preparation to credit collection. Our multilingual staff constantly interfaces with the relevant offices to provide accurate answers and enable you to obtain the refund quickly.

Experience, professionalism, and competitiveness

Since 1982, TVA International has been handling all the necessary procedures to get you the VAT and EXCISE refund.

The experience gained from over 40 years of specialization in the field allows our clients, who are based throughout Europe, to have a highly reliable, timely, and professional service. The quality and precision in drafting the documentation and the monitoring of the process enable us to obtain VAT and excise refunds quickly.

Our multilingual collaborators, highly specialized in refund management, are prepared to handle any type of issue, allowing our clients to receive excellent service. Ongoing relationships with Competent Authorities and monitoring of payment timelines enable us to reduce wait times.

Why choose us

Constant updates

Constantly in contact with the Competent Authorities of each country

In-depth knowledge of regulations

Safe practices

Highly specialized team in VAT and excise recovery

Over 40 years of experience

Managed deadlines

Comprehensive processing, management, and monitoring of procedures

Tax compliance

Continuous assistance

Timely updates

Timeliness in handling procedures


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