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Since 1982, TVA has specialized in managing the procedures and compliance necessary for the recovery of VAT and EXCISE.

VAT refunds

Thanks to the ongoing and constantly updated relationship with both Italian and foreign Competent Authorities, we professionally handle the bureaucratic processes that allow client companies to obtain the VAT refund of expenses incurred in various EU and non-EU countries.

Excise refunds

Over 40 years of experience in the field enable us to efficiently and accurately manage every necessary step to access excise refunds, from document preparation to credit collection.

Tax Consultancy

The company employs internal and external collaborators who are always up to date and ready to provide immediate support to needs. The high level of performance, the result of the staff's constant commitment, allows for an immediate solution to problems and enables specialized supervision of the procedure and refund timings.

Our contacts

Expertise, experience, and speed

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